Innovation Pole


The Innovation Pole participating companies can:

  • share their technological equipments for the realization of research and innovation projects.
  • benefit of scientific and technical services provided by the Polo, at their implementation cost.
  • offer innovative services to other companies in the Pole
  • access to regional fundings, reserved to companies in the Regional Innovation Poles.



In addition to the development of innovation and technology transfer activities, the Polo intends to develop a program of equipment upgrading aimed to improve the delivery of technical-scientific services to companies.


The Innovation Pole, in the period 2011-2014, will invest 4M€, supporting its technical and scientific services: 2.4M€ will be provided for the purchase of research equipment; and 1.6M€ for service and infrastructure management.  


Furthermore, the research and innovation programs of companies participating in the eight regional innovation Poles, will be directly supported by the Calabria Administration which will invest 53M€ in industrial research, 7M€ in innovation services and 7.5M€ in training.