The mission of Ecoplan S.r.l. is the recycling and reuse of olive pomace, found in large quantities in the Gioia Tauro (RC) territory. By mixing the residue with thermoplastics resin, with a patented procedure, you can get a variety of materials that can be used in different market sectors (transport, construction, furniture, marine engineering, etc.).


During the first two years of activity the company has been engaged in a hard and expensive research work for the realization of certain products. In particular a type of panel at high technological performances, which presents physical mechanical and technological properties which make them perfect substitutes of wood panels.


All materials are 100% recyclable through a simple and economical process of grinding and replacing in the production cycle, for the production of similar materials.

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C.da Primogenito Area P.I.P.

98024 Polistena (RC)

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Phone +39 0966 941844
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Angelo Borgese

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Manufacturing of ecological and recyclable panels


ECOMAT is a innovative patented material, obtained by an extrusion process from a mixture of olive pomace (or other inert vegetal materials) and thermoplastic resin.

ECOMAT panels, characterized by high physical, mechanical and technological performances, fully recyclable and waterproof, are perfects substitutes of wood panels.


• Such as floors of shelves of trucks, trailers and containers
• As protection surface for wood or resin floors
• As interior paneling for industrial vehicles


Building industry
• As formwork for casting concrete
• As raised floors on special metal structures.
• As various types of external floors.
• Such as walls and structures for the construction of houses on the model of wood houses.
• As external cladding panels
• If suitably covered, as roofing and cladding facades.
• As floor for metal and modular boxes.


• As the top and other parts of furniture heavily exposed to water and / or to moisture, for kitchen units, bathroom furniture and furniture in general.


Urban furniture
• As part of fences, benches, planters, fences, walkways etc..


Maritime and bathing structures
• As floors of beaches, walkways, building cabins, docks, floating platforms, etc..


Show business and exhibition centres
• As floors for boxes and stands.
• As fittings for stands.




ECOMAT modular catwalk for beach walkways


Made of plastic polyolefin (polypropylene and polyethylene) recycled material, filled with vegetal fibers (exhausted olive pomace), shock-proof, non-slip, resistant, completely water-repellent both water and moisture resistant, not attacked by fungi, insects and bacteria, 100% recyclable.