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The company was founded in 1993 in the consortium Tecnap-Group, market leader in the conversion / energy saving, planning, implementation and development of electronic products, in order to bring highly innovative solutions to market.


Created to offer and make progress in all the experiences obtained in specialized fields, with a professional and qualified staff, Tecnap is active in the field of conversion / control / energy saving.


Over the years Tecnap has invested heavily in research and development, creating a team able to design and prototype products, the company real core business.
The experience also allows us to develop custom products, in the field of power electronics, by integrating on devices all the functions required by the market, thus providing valuable support to the advanced technology of Italian and foreign companies.

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87036 Rende (CS)

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Michele Passarelli

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Manufacture of apparatus for distribution and control electricity networks


Nowadays the energy market can always realize projects for the production of energy from alternative resources, but it is not as well prepared to find solutions in the management of such projects.


Our company, with its highly qualified workforce has the skills to identify timely brilliant solutions in this regard. It has an engineering and logistics structures to support the work of technicians on the whole national territory and abroad.


Our company 'operates according to ISO 9001:2000 quality standard for designing, manufacturing of products for the conversion of energy, electrical, electronic, technology and installations of renewable energy as well as monitoring of physical measurements.


Tecnap technological expertises, with an experience of 25 years, are targeted primarily to the lighting sector. During these 25 years the Tecnap-Group has also designed and built many custom products, in electronics power sector. That segment of activity led the company to collaborate with universities, technology parks and other Italian and foreign companies.


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Energy-saving systems for street lighting


  • Management of each light point - point-to-point system, with savings of over 50%.
  • Flow restrictor centralized, fully electronic, saving 35%.
  • Control and management of LED lamps in power, on every single string, patented.
  • Transmit / Receive data on line carrier, 7 channels for various services, patented.