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Personal Factory is a company that operates mainly in the chemical industry for construction sector by providing relevant chemical compounds for the production of dry mortars with the Origami4 plant.


Personal Factory, by designing and building also the technology platform (Origami4), and providing business consulting and technical services in branding, marketing and lab research, it works in the areas of services, mechanics, electronics, chemistry and computer science.

Head office____________

Viale Francesco Ceniti, 101

89822 Simbario (VV)

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Phone +39 0963 74257
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Contact person_________

Giuseppe Costa

Activity sector__________

Design, production and marketing of machines and chemical powders for the construction industry


Personal Factory S.r.l. sells the plant ORIGAMI4 that can produce dry products, from inert compounds with particle size up to 2.5 mm and at least 35% of binder powder in packs of 21 to 26 kg.


With the purchase of that system, the customer also acquires Origami Control software updates and free phone support, the maintenance of traceability platform, the development of chemical free kit for special products, the sale and service chemical kits, all for life.
It can provide chemical kits completed with pigment, according to the customer's needs in order to further simplify the work in the factories. Through chemical kits producers are able to greatly simplify the processes to the advantage of the speed of production. The production process is controlled directly from the laboratory via the Internet. Triple control procedures make practically impossible the human error. The flexibility and the speed which characterize our machines are able to change the type of product, making convenient the production of any quantity.



Origami4 is a production plant of powder products for the construction industry, patented and manufactured by Personal Factory, unique in the world.


Origami4, in only 6 m2, preserves raw materials, measures them out, mixes them along with the chemical compound provided by Personal Factory, packages all materials, tracks the entire production down to a single bag, checks there are no errors in the production and maintains active the product certification platform.